Video and Multimedia

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  1. “Inside the NSA: John Miller Takes a Look at Agency’s Inner Workings.” CBS This Morning (December 13, 2013). News and background coverage of NSA activities at the heart of the controversy. (Time: 5:43)

  2. “Stop Watching Us: The Video.” (October 23, 2013). is a coalition of 100+ public advocacy organizations across the political spectrum. This video takes a very strong position against the U.S. government NSA surveillance program. (Time: 3:25)

  3. “NSA Surveillance Issue is Being Taken ‘Very Seriously,’ Says Obama.” The Guardian (December 23, 2013). President Obama responding to the public outcry over NSA surveillance. (Time: 1:06)

  4. “Rise of the Drones.” PBS America (January 15, 2014). This is a movie trailer for the 1-hour PBS NOVA documentary on use of drones. Shows use of drones and the risks they present. (Time: 1:19)

  5. “Pentagon Pain: F-35 Stealth Fighter Jet ‘One of the Worst Planes We’ve Ever Designed.’” RT News (June 21, 2014). Summarizes the controversy over the F-35 fighter and the budget overruns it faces. (Time: 3:29)

  6. “Eisenhower’s Warning: Military Industrial Complex’s Growing Budget.” The New York Times (January 18, 2014). Excellent video presenting the history of U.S. military spending from Eisenhower through today. Reviews drivers of spending and the kinds of things United States has spent on for defense. (Time: 2:48)

  7. “Is Obama’s Foreign Policy Doctrine Working?” PBS Newshour (April 30, 2014). Excellent overview of Obama’s foreign policy goals and top issues the United States faces in foreign policy. (Time: 13:25)

  8. “Tom Friedman: Obama Changing Climate Change Narrative.” Face The Nation on CBS (June 8, 2014). President Obama discusses the national security issues of climate change. (Time: 3:19)