Video and Multimedia

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  1. “Endgame Unclear in Republican Effort to Push Shutdown.” (September 24, 2013). PBS news report on possible government shutdown including video of Sen. Ted Cruz speaking in the Senate about defunding Obamacare. (Time: 9:48)

  2. “Policy Basics: Where Do our Federal Tax Dollars Go?” (October 25, 2012). Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. The Center's tax policy analyst, Chye-Ching Huang, and Director of Federal Tax Policy Chuck Marr discuss where our federal tax dollars go. Topics include defense and international security assistance, Social Security, and health insurance and safety net programs. (Time: 4:49)

  3. “Obama Signs Stimulus Plan.” CBS News (February 17, 2009). President Obama’s announcement/overview of major components of the economic stimulus. (Time: 3:03)

  4. “FED Chairman on the Economy.” CBS 60 Minutes (December 5, 2010). FED Chairman Ben Bernanke discusses a wide range of topics related to the U.S. economy and the stimulus plan. (Time: 14:59)

  5. Washington Post. (November 1, 2013). After 4 years of often contentious debate over agricultural subsidies and Republican efforts to reduce spending on food stamps, Congress finally approved a $956 billion, 5-year farm bill in February 2014. This video explains the issues surrounding it. (Time: 2:23)

  6. “Wealth Inequality in America.” (November 20, 2012). Politizane. Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America highlighting the difference in our perceptions and reality. (Time: 6:23)

  7. “Global Wealth Inequality.” (April 3, 2013). Accurate and sourced presentation about the worldwide problem of wealth inequality. (Time: 3:50)

  8. “Trapped in Unemployment.” (February 19, 2012). 60 Minutes story about the problem of long-term unemployment and some new ideas to deal with it. (Time: 12:17)