Video and Multimedia

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  1. “Debating Kansas’ Mandate on Voter ID enforcement.” PBS Newshour (March 27, 2014). News coverage of both sides of this issue that is happening in many other states. Sets the stage for a good discussion. (Time: 8:15)

  2. “White House to Recognize Utah Gay Marriages.” CNN (January 10, 2014). Attorney General Eric Holder about the federal government’s position to recognize gay marriages in Utah, despite the fact that Utah's governor opposes gay marriage. (Time: 3:01)

  3. “Supreme Court Halts Utah Gay Marriages, and More.” Wall Street Journal (January 26, 2014). News coverage of Supreme Court decision upholding gay marriage ban in Utah. (Time: 1:43)

  4. “Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill Protest.” Mindfiction (February 19, 2011). Three days of footage: February 15–17 of the protests against Governor Scott Walker’s bill that dissolved unions. Illustration of citizen mobilization about an issue they cared about. (Time: 4:44)

  5. “Young People, the Internet, and Civic Participation: Shakuntala Banaji.” Tedx Talks (July 17, 2014). Research presentation about young people and discouragement with government. This talk addresses cultural and economic differences, too. Her research has addressed Internet cultures, online civic participation, the sociopolitical contexts of cinema audiences, young people, and creativity. (Time: 16:27)

  6. “Constitutional Principle: The Rule of Law.” BillofRightsInst (December 13, 2011). Fairly dynamic video about a dry topic, highlighting one important aspect of the U.S. government that makes it special (Time: 7:53)