Video and Multimedia

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  1. “For Undocumented Workers, It's Not-so-Sweet Home Alabama.” (October 28, 2011). PBS NewsHour. (Time: 9:55)

  2. “Great Lakes Week 2013: Lake Levels.” (September 11, 2013). Video by about the current status of the Great Lakes. For use with in-class exercise. (Time: 3:46)

  3. “Spring Break Danger: Binge Drinking.” ABC News (March 15, 2013). (Time: 5:21)

  4. “Truth Behind Lower Unemployment Rate Fox News Video.” (May 2, 2014). Video presenting several views of the U.S. unemployment rate. Use to discuss how to measure unemployment. (Time: 2:42)

  5. “Texting Teen Driver Convicted of Homicide.” (June 6, 2012). ABC News story about a homicide due to texting while driving. (Time: 2:53)

  6. “2013 Grads: Student Loans Affect Job Hunting and More.” CBS News (May 28, 2013). News feature about 2013 college student graduates featuring many clips of students talking. (Time: 3:53)

  7. “US Highway Trust Fund Running Out.” CCTV News (June 6, 2014). U.S. policy to pay for highway upkeep and construction. Discusses various policy options. Good illustration of policy tools in use. (Time: 3:15)

  8. “How Will the Health Care Law Work? Americans Ask, We Answer.” PBS NewsHour (July 3, 2012). Discusses provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Good illustration of policy tools in use. (Time: 8:52)

  9. “Poverty Rates Surge in American Suburbs.” PBS NewsHour (January 11, 2014). Discusses modern issues of poverty in the U.S. Discussion of poverty in the United States and how to measure it. (Time: 9:43)