Video and Multimedia

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  1. “Merit Pay for NM Teachers: Up for Debate.” KRQE News in New Mexico (January 2014). News story about the New Mexico governor’s proposal to reform education in New Mexico, including a merit pay proposal. (Time: 1:49)

  2. “Debate Over School Choice Divides Texans.” PBS Newshour (March 20, 2013). Unbiased news segment interviewing teachers, advocates, parents, and students about school choice vouchers. Presents both sides of the issue and discusses charter schooling, too. (Time: 4:32)

  3. “Why College Tuition Keeps Rising.” CNN Money (August 24, 2010). Explanation of sources of increase in costs. (Time: 1:21)

  4. “The High Cost of Higher Education.” CNN Your Money (August 23, 2013). Obama has a plan to help students make decisions since college costs are rising. (Time: 3:06)

  5. “NC New Teacher Support Program.” PBS Video (May 6, 2014). Segment about an innovative test program in North Carolina to help improve the quality of classroom teachers. Nice opportunity to discuss how states can be laboratories for innovative new policies. (Time: 6:11)

  6. “What is the Condition of Education?” National Center for Education Statistics (May 29, 2014). A trailer talking about the center’s effort to track the quality of education. (Time: 2:34)

  7. “Dan Rather Reports, ‘For-Profit Colleges,’ Part 1.” Dan Rather Reports (June 11, 2013). An investigative report into recent growth of for-profit colleges. (Time: 14:43)