Video and Multimedia

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  1. “Has President Obama’s Foreign Policy Been Effective?” British Broadcast Company (BBC) (May 27, 2014). How should President Obama’s foreign policy be judged? Has it been effective? What measures should be used to assess its effectiveness? Troop deployment? Peace? (Time: 2:30)

  2. “Economist: Tax Wealth, Not Income.” CNN Video (November 21, 2012). Discuss the issue of equity regarding tax policy. Would it be more equitable to tax someone’s wealth as opposed to their income? (Time: 3:23)

  3. “Is There a Drug Court in Your Town?” by (April 22, 2013). Use to discuss cost/benefit of various policy alternatives. The drug court is an alternative to imprisonment of drug offenders. (Time: 2:24)

  4. “ Problems go Beyond Enrollment.” CBS This Morning (October 18, 2013). Use to discuss the criteria of administrative or technical feasibility. (Time: 2:57)

  5. “Senator Elizabeth Warren—Floor Speech on Social Security.” U.S. Senate (November 18, 2013). Sen. Warren discusses numerous statistics and projections related to the Social Security policy issue. (Time: 5:38)

  6. “Facts Behind U.S. Immigration Crisis.” CNN (July 8, 2014). Is this an example of a situation where there are “fundamental considerations” compelling U.S. policy makers to act? Does the United States have an ethical obligation to address the crisis? What did happen—did the United States respond, and if so, how? If not, why not? (Time: 2:01)

  7. “Intro to Cost-Benefit Analysis,” by Conservation Strategy Fund (May 15, 2014). Basic examples of methods of cost–benefit analysis from the perspective of a private business and a small-town government. Good example of issues surrounding decision making based on cost–benefit analysis. (Time: 4:35)

  8. “To Receive Welfare, Should Drug Test be Required?” PBS NewsHour (March 20, 2012). Discusses issues surrounding drug tests of welfare recipients. (Time: 5:14)