Video and Multimedia

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  1. “Latest News: The Gun Numbers America Doesn’t Have.” (January 30, 2013). A CNN interview by Christiane Amanpour with Dr. Mark Rosenberg of the CDC on the importance of analysis of gun violence data to understand the issue in order to develop effective policies. (Time: 7:59)

  2. “GAO: Accountability is our Middle Name.” (2011). An overview of the Government Accountability Office’s mission, operations, and impact. (Time: 2:45)

  3. “The NSA Knew our Secrets. One Year Later, We Know Theirs.” (June 2, 2014). Illustrates the strong political position taken by a think tank, ACLU. Discuss the research that this interest group provides and how to evaluate the validity of information it presents. (Time: 1:56)

  4. “Utah Ending Homelessness by Giving Away Homes.” Host Richard Fowler discusses an innovative Utah policy to end homelessness, along with reviewing other homelessness policy alternatives that are used in other states. Good example of a policy proposal that is innovative and possibly contentious. (Time: 2:30)

  5. “The Lost Decade of the Middle Class.” (August 22, 2012). Example of a problem analysis on middle-class income by a credible think tank. (Time: 3:21)

  6. “Arizona’s School Choice Policy.” (December 14, 2012). Dr. David Garcia interviewed about the effectiveness of the statewide policy enabling parents to choose for their children to attend a private school. Example of an evaluation of a policy. (Time: 8:57)