Video and Multimedia

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  1. “Does the World Need Nuclear Power?” (June 10, 2010). TED talk debate about the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power and whether we should adopt it. (Time: 25:31)

  2. “Flurry of Storms: A Result of Climate Change?” (February 16, 2014). Meet the Press debate on Climate Change with Bill Nye the science guy and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn. Should the United States develop climate change policy? Pros and cons. (Time: 13:42)

  3. “Gavin Smith: The Emergent Patterns of Climate Change.” (May 1, 2014). TED talk about the complexity of climate change and the climate modeling process, as well as what modeling predicts given action or inaction. Easily tied into the policy debate about what to actually do about climate change and whether our models and the intricacy of climate change really give us good policy direction. (Time: 12:10)

  4. “Coal 101: What’s Wrong with Coal?” (May 29, 2013). A video by the interest group the Sierra Club taking a position on the use of coal in the United States. (Time: 2:17)

  5. “Facts About Fracking.” (January 22, 2013). Short video detailing what hydraulic fracturing is and what the benefits and concerns over the technology are. (Time: 4:31)

  6. “Obama’s Action on Carbon Emissions Angers Congress.” (June 2, 2014). CNN News story about Obama’s use of executive orders on regulating power plant emissions. (Time: 2:47)

  7. “NEPA Citizen’s Guide.” Letsbe7 (September 24, 2008). Practical and informative video about what the National Environmental Policy Act requires and how it works. (Time: 7:05)