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Article 1: Kretsch, N., & Harden, K. P. (2014). Marriage, divorce, and alcohol use in young adulthood: A longitudinal sibling-comparison study. Emerging Adulthood, 2(2), 138–149. doi: 10.1177/2167696813513260 

Summary: The current study examined associations between marital status and alcohol use, assessed in a sample of 5,150 young adults (ages 18–30) from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth.


Article 2: Lichter, D. T., Qian, Z., & Mellott, L. M. (2006). Marriage or dissolution? Union transitions among poor cohabiting women. Demography, 43(2), 223–240. doi: 10.1353/dem.2006.0016

Summary: This study examined the timing and risk factors for subsequent union disruption among individuals who were in a marital or cohabiting union at age 45, focusing particularly on the role of prior union history and children.


Article 3: Afifi, T. D., Granger, D. A., Joseph, A., Denes, A., & Aldeis, D. (2015). The influence of divorce and parents’ communication skills on adolescents’ and young adults’ stress reactivity and recovery. Communication Research, 42(7), 1009–1042. doi: 10.1177/0093650213509665

Summary: This study examined the impact of parents’ marital status (divorced/married) on children’s stress.