Learning Objectives

After reading Chapter 15, you should be able to:

15.1 Describe various interpretations of giftedness.

15.2 Explain the strategies typically used to assess an individual’s gifts and talents.

15.3 Summarize the history of educational services for students with gifts and talents.

15.4 Discuss the etiology of giftedness and talent.

15.5 List the characteristics of persons who are gifted and talented according to the five dimensions of giftedness.

15.6 Summarize the various instructional strategies used by educators to teach pupils who are gifted and talented.

15.7 Identify the service delivery options available to students with gifts and talents.

15.8 Outline the various ways technology can benefit students with gifts and talents.

15.9 Describe educational opportunities for young children and adolescents who are gifted and talented.

15.10 Discuss the challenges confronting educators when serving twice-exceptional students, girls who are gifted and talented, and individuals with gifts and talents from culturally diverse backgrounds.