Learning Objectives

After reading Chapter 14, you should be able to:

14.1 List the conditions associated with physical disabilities and health disabilities.

14.2 Identify low-incidence disabilities.

14.3 Define deaf-blindness.

14.4 Summarize society’s reaction to and treatment of persons with physical or health impairments.

14.5 List examples of common causes of physical disabilities and health impairments.

14.6 Identify representative conditions associated with orthopedic impairments, multiple disabilities, traumatic brain injury, other health impairments, and deaf-blindness.

14.7 Describe the impact of a physical or health impairment on school performance.

14.8 Explain the procedures that teachers and other professionals use to meet the educational needs of students with physical/health disabilities and deaf-blindness.

14.9 Describe how technology benefits individuals with physical or health disabilities.

14.10 Summarize educational services for individuals with physical or health impairments across the life span.