Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Wrong Perception
Description: In this clip, you see a collection of commercial clips that involve situations that are misinterpreted based on funny circumstances.

Video 2: Seeing the World as It Isn’t (Daniel Simons, TEDxUIUC)
Description: In this TED talk, Daniel Simons, head of the Visual Cognition Laboratory at the University of Illinois, talks about illusions and perception.

Video 3: Dove Real Beauty Sketches; You’re More Beautiful Than You Think
Description: In this clip, you see the Dove Beauty project where people respond to their own photos and then hear how others saw them.

Video 4: The Monkey Business Illusion
Description: In this clip, you see a re-enactment of the famous “passing the basketball” illusion. They also do some other things in the clip (change the color of the curtain, send people off/on stage).