Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: How I Met Your Mother: Lemon Law Theory
Description: In this clip, Barney explains his approach to dating.

Web 1: Lemon Law
Description: Urban Dictionary online defines lemon law: After five minutes into a date, you should be able to end the date without any hard feelings if either party feels like there is no attraction.

Video 2: Interpersonal Communication in the Future World (Celine Fitzgerald TEDxCarleton University)
Description: In this TED talk, Celine discusses the future of interpersonal communication and the changes that will take place.

Video 3: Carlsberg Stunts With Bikers in Cinema
Description: In this commercial, movie patrons enter a movie theatre that is filled with bikers. There are only two vacant seats. Some people choose to sit down. Others leave. It focuses on expectations and perceptions.