Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Couples Retreat (9/10) Movie CLIP—Couples Therapy (2009) HD
Description: In this clip, couples interact in therapy sessions.

Video 2: Bad Communication Example
Description: In this clip from Modern Family, two brothers exhibit their unique style of communication.

Video 3: Pixar Inside Out—A Family Dinner Scene
Description: In this clip, we watch a conversation that takes place at a family dinner.

Video 4: The Brain in Love—Helen Fisher
Description: In this TED clip, Fisher explores why we crave love and what happens to the brain when it is in love.

Video 5: Learning to Listen: Karyn Gagnon at TEDxWinnipeg
Description: In this clip, Karyn Gagnon talks about how important it is to listen and her relationship with her grandmother.