Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: The Importance of Nonverbal Cues as Told by “Friends”
Description: In this clip, there are a series of examples of nonverbal cues in the show Friends.

Video 2: Non-Verbal Communication—For the Birds
Description: In this animated clip, there are examples of birds and the consequences of their nonverbal actions.

Video 3: Big Bang Theory on Body Language
Description: In this clip, Penny tries to help Sheldon improve his nonverbal communication.

Video 4: Non-Verbal Communication—Leyla Tacconi (TEDxBritish School of Brussels)
Description: In this clip, Leyla Tacconi talks about the importance of communication without verbal communication. She communicates through music, art, and body movements.

Video 5: Funny Scene From Frasier—Niles Causes Fire “Silent Scene”
Description: In this clip, there is no language. It is all silent, and it has a sequence of nonverbal activities.