Discussion Questions

  1. ADHD seems to generate more opinions in the popular press than other disorders. People call it overdiagnosed, made-up, underdiagnosed, a product of the pharmaceutical industry, etc. Why do you think that the ADHD receives more of this type of discussion than other disorders?

  2. Imagine that a parent came to you with a child with ADHD. What interventions would you recommend? What interventions would you not recommend? Why? How would you suggest that these parents work with their child’s school?

  3. Medications are quite effective for ADHD symptoms. What considerations should go into deciding whether or not to prescribe these for a child with ADHD? What are the concerns related to prescription?

  4. Many college students report taking stimulants without a prescription. Why do you think that this might be? Given what you know from the text about what these medications do and not do, what would you tell someone who was considering using these medications in this way?