Discussion Questions

  1. Approximately one-fourth of children are exposed to some sort of traumatic event. Of these, about one-third will develop symptoms of PTSD. How can Psychological First Aid help both of these groups of children?

  2. What risk factors increase the likelihood of developing PTSD? How can we be sure that, in looking for risk factors, we don’t engage in victim-blaming?

  3. We sometimes hear of cases of Reactive Attachment Disorder in children who have been adopted or placed in foster care in homes where the caregivers are not prepared to handle RAD. However, there are effective interventions for RAD. Given the interventions discussed in the text, what steps should be taken before placing a child with RAD in a home?

  4. It is difficult to know the true prevalence of child maltreatment because not all cases are reported. How can we—both as a society and as a field—work to improve identification of maltreatment?