Discussion Questions

  1. Medication use has increased greatly among children and adolescents in recent years, sparking fears that medication is overprescribed among young people. Is medication overprescribed? Is it possible for medication to be both over- and underprescribed at the same time? What does the evidence suggest to you?

  2. Only about half of children with a mental health diagnosis receive treatment. What steps should be taken to address the barriers to treatment? Why do you think that those steps have not already been taken? What do you think that the outcome would be if all of those who need treatment were able to receive it?

  3. The DSM takes a medical approach to identifying and describing disorders. The text discusses limitations to this approach. How would you address these limitations? Is there a better way to identify disorders?

  4. Developmental psychopathology provides an important framework for understanding children’s adaptive and maladaptive behavior. Given the interdisciplinary nature of this model, how can understanding this help you to work with professionals from other fields?

  5. What are the barriers to evidence-based practices? Why do you think these exist? What can you as a student do now and in your future career about these barriers?