Multimedia Resources

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Legal Case 1: Cady, Roberts & Company
Description: Read about more about this case at the Securities and Exchange Commission Historical Society site.

Legal Case 2: Dirks v. SEC
Description: Case outlining the expectations regarding tippers and tippees and the fiduciary duty to shareholders.

Legal Case 3: United States v. O’Hagan
Description: Case dealing with the misappropriation theory on insider trading.

Legal Case 4: United States v. Newman
Description: Case determining the need for the government to prove that some tangible, pecuniary benefit was expected and/or received by the insider.

Legal Case 5: SEC v. Texas Gulf Sulphur Company
Description: Brief related to Case 6.1.

Article 1: “Silver Platter” Insider Trading Case Has Strong Appeal
Description: Forbes article on the Stewart case discussed in Case 6.2.

Article 2: Libor (Barclays Interest Rate Manipulation Case)
Description: A series of links to articles about the scandal and its long-term impact.

Article 3: Goldman Sachs Financial Crisis
Description: Email evidence submitted in the Goldman Sachs case.

Article 4: Wells Fargo Sees No End Yet to Sales Scandal Costs, Gets Tax Boost
Description: Discussion of ongoing problems at Wells Fargo following the sales scandal.