Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Description: A list of prominent cases of workplace sexual harassment.

Article 1: Workplace Layoffs
Description: A Harvard Business Review article on impact of layoffs and better practices surrounding this issue.

Article 2: GPS Monitoring of Employees
Description: An article that discusses the debate related to tracking employees.

Legal Case 1: Smyth v. Pillsbury
Description: Case discussing wrongful discharge.

Legal Case 2: Elgin v. St. Louis Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
Description: Case discussing the use of GPS tracking systems to monitor employees and discrimination.

Legal Case 3: Cunningham v. New York State Department of Labor
Description: Case discussing use of employer placing GPS tracking device on employees personal vehicle.

Legal Case 4: O’Connor v. Ortega
Description: Case discussing administrative searches in the workplace.