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Now with SAGE Publishing, Cultural Anthropology: A Global Perspective delves into both classic and current research in the field, reflecting a commitment to anthropology’s holistic and integrative approach. This text illuminates how the four subfields of anthropology—biological anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, and cultural anthropology—together yield a comprehensive understanding of humanity. In examining anthropological research, this text often refers to research conducted in other fields, sparking the critical imagination that brings the learning process to life. The Tenth Edition expands on the book’s hallmark three-themed approach (diversity of human societies, similarities that make all humans fundamentally alike, and synthetic-complementary approach) by introducing a new fourth theme addressing psychological essentialism. Recognizing the necessity for students to develop an enhanced global awareness more than ever before, author Raymond Scupin uses over 30 years of teaching experience to bring readers closer to the theories, data, and critical thinking skills vital to appreciating the full sweep of the human condition.

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We gratefully acknowledge Raymond Scupin for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Jacquelyn Kyle of Rowan College at Burlington County and Christina Pomianek of Lindenwood University for developing the resources on this site.