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Research in Action Podcast #24: Dr. Neil Salkind on Statistics Anxiety
Neil Salkind discusses Statistics on a podcast.


Introduction to Chapter 1
Neil Salkind suggests several approaches that can help you through the your course.

Why Statistics Is Important
Good data is the basis for good decisions. Take a look at how doctors in the mid-19th century solved the problem of maternal child death using good data.

Cool Ideas and Where They Come From
Ideas come first, but often understanding models for innovation and creativity combined with very cool statistical tools lead us to new discoveries.

Statistics Is Useful
Neil Salkind discusses how statistics can help in everyday life.

Statistics All Around Us
From the United States Census Bureau, a terrific illustration as to how descriptive statistics are used in the public health arena to understand and access important data about infectious diseases.

Success in Your Statistics Class
Some thoughts on working toward success in a statistics class.

Chapter Summary
Super cute reflections on learning statistics.


Job Opportunities in Statistics
Statistics is only for coursework, but can lead to careers. See what the American Statistical Association can offer.

Some Statistics Humor
Okay, time for some fun: jokes about statistics!