Abnormal Psychology

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This fresh and innovative text teaches students that abnormal psychology is a rapidly evolving science. Evolutionary, biological, neurological, psychological, social, socio-cultural, and political perspectives are explored for a complete view of the field with an eye toward critical thinking and evaluation. Thoroughly integrating DSM-5, this text offers the most current coverage of abnormal psychology available. The text’s multi-level perspective ranges from culture to genetics, helping students move beyond simple nature/nurture perspectives to new ways of considering psychological disorders based on current interdisciplinary research. First-person accounts and case studies help readers better understand the experiences of a person with a psychological disorder while demonstrating their ability to live full, productive lives. Abundant illustrations and a terrific resource package ensure student engagement and success.

We gratefully acknowledge William J. Ray for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to the following people for developing the ancillaries on this site: Andrew McClintock and Craig Spiel of Ohio University, Christina Temes of the Pennsylvania State University, Steven Snowden of the University of Florida, and Kelly Dickerson, Jamie Langhaus and Shaun Lewis of Binghamton University.