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How can public relations play a more active role in the betterment of society?

Introduction to Strategic Public Relations: Digital, Global, and Socially Responsible Communication prepares students for success in today’s fast-changing PR environment. Recognizing that developments in technology, business, and culture require a fresh approach, Janis T. Page and Lawrence Parnell have written a practical introductory text that aligns these shifts with the body of knowledge from which the discipline of public relations was built. Because the practice of public relations is rooted in credibility, the authors believe that students must become ethical and socially responsible communicators more concerned with building trust and respect with diverse communities than with creating throwaway content. The authors balance this approach with a focus on communication theory, history, process, and practice and on understanding how these apply to strategic public relations planning, as well as on learning how to create a believable and persuasive message.


We gratefully acknowledge Janis Teruggi Page and Lawrence J. Parnell for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Nick Fleming of The George Washington University, Johanna Page, Sarah Calabi, Cessna Winslow of Tarleton State University, and O'Donnell Learn for developing the ancillaries on this site.