An IBM® SPSS® Companion to Political Analysis, 6th edition

In Pollock's trusted IBM SPSS® workbook, students dive headfirst into actual political data and work with a software tool that prepares them not only for future political science research but the job world as well. Students learn by doing with new guided examples, annotated screenshots, step-by-step instructions, and exercises that reflect current scholarly debates in American political behavior and comparative politics. This Sixth Edition features thoroughly revised and updated datasets and is compatible with all post-12 releases of SPSS.

The student resources site includes:

  • Datasets used in An IBM SPSS® Companion to Political Analysis, 6th Edition
  • How-to videos created by author Philip Pollock which enhance understanding of key topics


We gratefully acknowledge Philip H. Pollock and Barry C. Edwards for writing an excellent text and creating the resources on this site.