A Stata® Companion to Political Analysis, 4th edition

Popular for its speed, flexibility, and attractive graphics, Stata is a powerful tool for political science students. With Philip Pollock's Fourth Edition of A Stata® Companion to Political Analysis, students quickly learn Stata via step-by-step instruction, more than 50 exercises, customized datasets, annotated screen shots, boxes that highlight Stata's special capabilities, and guidance on using Stata to read raw data. This attractive and value-priced workbook, an ideal complement to Pollock’s Essentials of Political Analysis, is a must-have for any political science student working with Stata.

The student resources site includes:

  • Datasets used in A Stata Companion to Political Analysis, 4th Edition
  • Tables and Figures from the book available to strengthen understanding of key terms and concepts


We gratefully acknowledge Philip H. Pollock and Barry C. Edwards for writing an excellent text and for developing the ancillaries on this site.