Learning Objectives

LO 4.1 Analyze one’s own emotional and cognitive reactions to a case study.
LO 4.2 Define cognition and emotion.
LO 4.3 Compare five major theories of cognition (cognitive, information processing, social learning, multiple intelligences, and moral reasoning) and theories of cognition in social work practice.
LO 4.4 Compare four major categories of theories of emotion (physiological theories, psychological theories, social theories, and theories of emotion in social work practice).
LO 4.5 Describe four theories of self in relationships (relational, attachment, feminist, and social identity).
LO 4.6 Summarize the role of stress, crisis, and traumatic stress in human behavior.
LO 4.7 Analyze different styles of coping and adaptation in relation to stress.
LO 4.8 Critique four approaches to normal and abnormal coping (medical, psychological, sociological, and social work).
LO 4.9 Apply knowledge of cognition, emotion, self, the self in relationship, stress, and coping to recommend guidelines for social work engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation.