Welcome to the SAGE edge site for Essentials of Human Behavior, Third Edition!

The Third Edition of Essentials of Human Behavior integrates the key framework (dimensions of time, person and environment) into a single volume text for use in single or double semester courses. The content from the best-selling Hutchison, Dimensions of Human Behavior texts has been streamlined to ensure conceptual clarity, parsimony, and integrity.

In this edition, renowned author and editor Elizabeth D. Hutchison continues to work with accomplished contributing authors in order to provide a careful and thorough overview of multi-disciplinary theory and research related to human behavior. Returning contributor and now co-editor in this edition, Leanne Wood Charlesworth, uses her practice and teaching experiences to help organize and deliver the cutting-edge research in this book to the classroom.

Updated to examine issues such as equity and inclusion, trauma and resilience environmental justice, gender identity and expression, all through the multi-dimensional lens of human behavior, Essentials of Human Behavior will thoroughly support students' understanding of human behavior theories and research and their applications to social work engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation across all levels of practice. 

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We gratefully acknowledge Elizabeth D. Hutchison and Leanne Wood Charlesworth for writing an excellent text and creating the materials on this site.