Learning Objectives

LO 16.1 Compare one’s own emotional and cognitive reactions to three case studies.
LO 16.2 Summarize major themes in older adult demographic characteristics.
LO 16.3 Describe how old age is culturally constructed.
LO 16.4 Summarize the major biological changes, psychological changes, and role transitions and life events in late adulthood.
LO 16.5 Describe the search for personal meaning in late adulthood.
LO 16.6 Compare and contrast formal and informal resources for meeting the needs of elderly persons.
LO 16.7 Summarize what social workers need to know about the dying process.
LO 16.8 Summarize what social workers need to know about loss, grief, and bereavement.
LO 16.9 Give examples of risk factors and protective factors of late adulthood.
LO 16.10 Apply knowledge of late adulthood, dying, and bereavement to recommend guidelines for social work engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation.