Video and Multimedia

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Video 1Find Out What It Would Be Like to Be a Medical Examiner
Description: Terri Parker visits with Palm Beach County’s chief medical examiner, who says he’s always been fascinated with dead bodies and cutting them open.

Video 2Inside The Morgue: How Medical Examiners Are Dealing With Opioid Death 'Tsunami'
Description: Milwaukee County’s chief medical examiner, Dr. Brian Peterson, said there’s been a “tsunami” of opioid deaths since he assumed his role in 2010. He and his team have now expanded their mission from tending to the dead to fighting for the living.

Video 3Estimating Time of Death
Description: NCSSM Forensic Science Instructor Candice Chambers discusses Post Mortem Interval, a tool forensic scientists use to determine how long an individual has been deceased. In this video, we focus on forensic entomology and how the presence of insects on a dead body and insect life cycle can help determine the time of death.

Web Link 1U.S. Standard Death Certificate
Description: This link provides a sample of the standard death certificate used in the United States.