Video and Multimedia

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Video 1Voir Dire in Action
Description: The purpose of this video is to provide an example of the voir dire process. This is a mock jury selection.

Video 2Defenses to Crimes Justification, Excuse, Mitigation
Description: The video explains the justification, excuse, and mitigation defenses to crimes. There are 5 types of justification defenses.

Video 3Plea Bargaining in America
Description: Even though over 95% of criminal cases now end in plea bargains instead of going to a jury trial, the concept of a plea bargain isn’t mentioned in the Constitution and would have been foreign to our founders. What should we make of this dramatic change in the criminal justice system? Are plea bargains beneficial for defendants and necessary for efficiency? Or are they “coercive,” depriving defendants of their right to a jury trial? Two experts, Jay Schweikert of the Cato Institute and Timothy Sandefur of the Goldwater Institute, discuss the rise of plea bargaining in the second video of a policy brief series on criminal justice.

Web Link 1Plea and Charge Bargaining Research Summary
Description: This report published by the Bureau of Justice Administration is a research summary on the plea and charge bargaining.