Video and Multimedia

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Video 1Presumptive Drug Testing
Description: Sgt. Anthony Clement shows the process for testing suspected drugs with a presumptive drug test kit.

Video 2Drug Screening and Confirmation Testing
Description: This video is a lecture about the basics of using screening tests for drugs, such as microcrystalline and color tests, as well as spectroscopic methodologies, including IR and UV/Vis spectroscopies.

Video 3How Fentanyl Is Making the Opioid Epidemic Even Worse
Description: Fentanyl, a drug more potent than heroin, is the latest iteration of America’s evolving opioid epidemic.

Web Link 1Meth Mouse
Description: Methamphetamine influences multiple neurotransmitter systems, affecting many regions of the brain. The molecules and mechanisms presented here are just part of the story. This shows what occurs in the brain of someone who has taken methamphetamine.