Video and Multimedia

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Video 1FLETC Talks—Detective McFadden
Description: FLETC Talks presents Detective McFadden by John Besselman, associate chief counsel. Detective McFadden explains the case of Terry v. Ohio.

Video 2FLETC Talks—Carroll v. US
Description: In FLETC Talk—Carroll v. US, Attorney Advisor Instructor Teresa D. Hoyt explains the Carroll v. US court case. This case resulted in the creation of the Carroll Doctrine.

Video 3Examining the Science of Eyewitness Identification
Description: ABC news 23 examines the science of eyewitness identification.

Web Link 1Eyewitness Identification: Procedures for Conducting Photo Arrays
Description: This memorandum was designed for law enforcement and prosecutors to assure they are following the proper procedures when conducting photo arrays. This memorandum was released by the Department of Justice.