Video and Multimedia

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Video 1Anna's Story: From Tragedy to Triumph | Victim Services Toronto
Description: Anna Amy Ho knows well the healing power of Victim Services Toronto. Anna describes how victim services helped after her mother was murdered.

Video 2Eyewitness Identification—Getting It Right
Description: The video discusses the impact of feedback on eyewitness identification and how it can lead to misidentification.

Video 3Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques & Training: TED "Type" Talk
Description: Interviewing & Interrogation techniques & training TED "type" talk for Law Enforcement Intelligence Units. Beverly Hills, CA conference. “Flawed Interviews, Inconsistent Debriefings: Impaired Intelligence." The risks of poorly conducted interviews, interrogations, and debriefings during intelligence operations.

Web Link 1Innocence Organizations Praise Florida Lawmakers for Passage of Key Eyewitness Identification Reform Legislation to Prevent Wrongful Convictions
Description: This article discusses reform to Florida’s procedures for eyewitness identification. The new procedures are evidence-based procedures that will help prevent misidentifications.