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Journal Article 2.1: Sools, A. M., Murray, M., & Westerhof, G. J. (2015). Narrative health psychology: Once more unto the breach. Journal of health psychology, 20(3), 239-245.

Abstract: In this editorial, we position narrative health psychology as a variety of narrative psychology, a form of qualitative research in health psychology, and a psychological perspective that falls under the interdisciplinary term narrative health research. The aim of this positioning is to explore what are the most important features of the proposed approach and how they are relevant. We illustrate each positioning with the scope and diversity of narrative health psychology brought together in this special issue. Finally, we reflect on where narrative health psychology is now and how it could develop in the future.


Journal Article 2.2: Dures, E., Rumsey, N., Morris, M., & Gleeson, K. (2010). Mixed methods in health psychology. Journal of Health Psychology, 16(2), 332-341.

Abstract: This article has two purposes: to examine why mixed methods is a legitimate approach particularly well suited to health psychology; and to describe the challenges inherent in conducting mixed methods research. First, arguments justifying the status of mixed methods as a third paradigm alongside solely quantitative and qualitative frameworks are discussed. Second, a qualitatively driven model of mixed methods is illustrated using examples from a research program exploring the psychosocial impact of a rare, genetic skin disorder. The flexibility of a mixed methods approach enables the researcher to be responsive to a range of issues, but it is important the approach is used thoughtfully and appropriately.