Video and Multimedia

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Video 11.1: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Speaks to a Dying Patient, Nova Interview, 1983

Description: This brief video, published by the Elisabeth Kubler Ross Foundation, shows Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross speaking with a dying patient, which gives insight into her contributions to the field.

Video 11.2: What Is Hospice Care? (Spectrum Health)

Description: In this brief video, Dr. Simin Beg provides a thoughtful and clear overview of hospice, it’s use, and benefits. This could be a useful video to show in class before discussing different approaches to end stages of life.

Video 11.3: Self-Management Education: Managing Chronic Conditions beyond Medications

Description: This brief video published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention talks about self-management programs for people with chronic conditions. This emphasizes the participants’ role in supporting their own health.