Video and Multimedia

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Video 10.1: Can Virtual Reality Sessions Treat Chronic Pain? One Stanford Doctor Says Yes

Description: This 2-minute NBC news segment shows how Virtual Reality can be used to reduce pain. It includes Dr. Kim Bullock, a neuropsychiatrist at Stanford, working with a patient who has long-suffered chronic arm pain.

Video 10.2: Hypnosis for Pain Relief

Description: This 4-minute video is a segment of BBC’s One Show shows how hypnosis is used for pain management, and shows FMRI data to support the effectiveness of this approach.

Video 10.3: Phases of Nociceptive Pain

Description: Produced by Firelight Media Group, working with Wowhouse Pictures, Inc., this 2.5-minute video provides a narrated visual story of how nociception occurs. It is detailed and easy to follow, providing a helpful teaching tool that can support student understanding of nociception.