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Journal Article 14.1: Piepoli, M. F., & Villani, G. Q. (2017). Lifestyle modification in secondary prevention. European journal of preventive cardiology, 24, 101-107.

Abstract: A healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone of prevention. Its promotion is a major task for all healthcare providers with the collaboration of the family and caregivers. It includes intervention in personal behaviour and risk factors (such as lack of physical activity, use of tobacco, unhealthy food habits and overweight), and all interventions aimed at changing lifestyle should be lifelong.


Journal Article 14.2: Kurth, J., & Malik, S. (2015). Reducing women’s cardiovascular disease risk profile. Women’s Health, 11(3), 385-397.

Abstract: Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women. Unique risk factors have been recognized, including pre-eclampsia, eclampsia and autoimmune diseases. Diabetes and hypertension (HTN) also play a unique role in women. Women with diabetes have a higher risk for coronary heart disease and microvascular disease compared with males. Additionally, older women have a high prevalence of uncontrolled HTN and women tend to have more treatment resistant HTN, increasing risk for cardiovascular events and mortality. The outcomes of cardiovascular disease have shown an increase in the number of heart attacks in younger women, though there is decreasing mortality. Treatment with coronary artery bypass graft surgery and percutaneous intervention has also shown to have poorer outcomes in women.