Media Writing Assignments

Assignment 1: Defining marketing
Description of Assignment: Compare campaigns versus brands
Go to the website of a Fortune 500 company of your choice. Look at links for both their campaigns and brands. How do they differ? How are they similar? Provide specific examples.

Assignment 2: Marketing tools and platforms
Description of Assignment: Analyzing marketing tools
Go to the website of a Fortune 500 company. Look for examples of marketing tools such as email blasts, one sheets, and brochures. How does the company use these tools to persuade and connect with audiences? Describe and provide specific examples.

Assignment 3: Copywriting
Description of Assignment: Examine a marketing campaign
Search the Internet for current and former marketing campaigns and choose one. Who is their audience? How do they express benefits and features? What is their call to action? Describe their tone of voice. Provide specific examples.

Assignment 4: Writing creatively for marketing
Description of Assignment: Adapt and innovate: find examples of each
Adaptors see what others have done and look for better ways to do it. Innovators are people who break the mold entirely, seeing things that have yet to be done and that others can’t see. Find examples of products or services that are based on adapting or innovating. How are these products and services marketed? Explain and describe using specific examples.