Media Writing Assignments

Assignment 1: Defining advertising
Description of Assignment: Compare advertising versus public relations
Go to the website of a large consumer goods manufacturer such as Coke or Pepsi. Look at links for both their public relations efforts as well as their advertising efforts. How do their advertising efforts differ from their public relations? How are they similar? Provide specific examples.

Assignment 2: Creative briefs
Description of Assignment: Analyzing creative briefs
Search for a creative brief from a major corporation, either in written or video form, on the Internet. How does the writing in the brief state its case? How does it convey tone or brand? Describe and provide specific examples.

Assignment 3: Message formation
Description of Assignment: Examine former advertising campaigns for an energy or candy bar
Search the Internet for current and former advertising campaigns for your favorite energy or candy bar. Who is their audience? What ideas are being expressed and how are these ideas communicated? Provide specific examples.

Assignment 4: Writing an ad
Description of Assignment: Write an ad for your favorite energy drink or soda pop
Write advertising copy for your favorite energy drink or soda pop. Focus on its benefits or characteristics. Use expressive language that shows, not tells. Write clearly and plainly.