SAGE Research Methods Video

SAGE Research Methods videos feature a variety of academics and researchers, including author John Creswell, delving deeper into research topics, concepts, and case studies. Watch the videos and check your understanding by answering the questions below. (Answers available on separate tab.)

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Research Ethics

This video segment presents examples and discussion of ethics in reporting research, such as avoiding plagiarism and giving appropriate citations.

What Advice Do You Have for Writing Up My Research Project?

Dr. Zina O’Leary provides numerous tips for writing research, including considering your audience and the structure.


1. Which of the following is an example of plagiarism?

  1. quoting a sentence verbatim and citing the author with page number
  2. copying and changing a few words in a paragraph without citing the author
  3. borrowing an idea from another author and citing them
  4. paraphrasing your own previous work with a citation of yourself

2. When soliciting feedback on your writing, it is recommended that you ______.

  1. make every change suggested
  2. ask your readers to focus on grammar
  3. take advice from experts only
  4. ask people to check for the logic and flow

3. Which of the following is a recommended writing strategy of Dr. O’Leary?

  1. Think of writing as a conversation with and audience.
  2. Select your own format to keep the writing interesting.
  3. Write slowly so your initial draft is perfect and final.
  4. Write in a chronological order.