SAGE Research Methods Video

SAGE Research Methods videos feature a variety of academics and researchers, including author John Creswell, delving deeper into research topics, concepts, and case studies. Watch the videos and check your understanding by answering the questions below. (Answers available on separate tab.)

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When Should I Choose a Mixed Methods Approach?

Professor John Creswell explains when to use a mixed methods approach to research.

Qualitative Research: Methods in the Social Sciences

A variety of academics discuss the meaning of qualitative research and content analysis.

Quantitative Research: Methods in the Social Sciences

This video introduces the key concepts and methods of quantitative research, including the framework and application of experiments, surveys, and interviews.


1. Which of the following is the best reason to conduct qualitative research?

  1. to test the relationship between variables
  2. to understand the meaning of everyday life
  3. to collect test whether a theory generalizes
  4. to understand issues related to quality improvement

2. Sarah is conducting research to examine whether a computer-based intervention improves functioning among individuals with autism. What type of design is she most likely using?

  1. grounded theory
  2. explanatory sequential mixed methods
  3. survey research
  4. experimental research

3. Mixed methods research relies on what type of methods?

  1. multiple forms of qualitative and quantitative data
  2. multiple forms of qualitative data
  3. multiple forms of quantitative data
  4. mixture models of statistical analysis