Video and Multimedia

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Michelle Alexander on the War on Drugs and the Politics Behind It (12:12)

Description: This video is a clip from a speech that Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, gave in Harlem in 2012.

Expert on Race and Politics (7:30)

Description: In this video, a political science professor from the UCI School of Social Sciences discusses racial issues from the 2016 Presidential Primaries.

Trevor Noah on Race, Comedy and Politics (12:13)

Description: In this video, Trevor Noah, the Daily Show host, discusses his experiences with race, growing up in South Africa.


Latinos and American Identity in a Time of Trump: A Postcard from El Paso (3:31)

Description: This NPR podcast discusses issues of power and identity.


Are Race-Based Advisory Groups Just Political Symbols?

Description: This article discusses the resignation of several race-based advisory board members at the beginning of the Trump presidency.

Obama’s Racial Legacy: Some Last Words on the First Black President

Description: This online article discusses issues of race that were salient during Obama’s presidency.

How Party and Place Shape Americans’ Views on Discrimination

Description: This article looks at the correlation between different aspects of political identity and discrimination.