Video and Multimedia

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Racism in the Military…Lets Get it (2:20)

Description: This video clip from CNN discusses the issue of white supremacy groups in the military.

As Study Finds 4,000 Lynchings in Jim Crow South, Will U.S. Address Legacy of Racial Terrorism? (12:36)

Description: This video discusses the racial lynchings that took place in the Jim Crow South.


Secret World War II Chemical Experiments Tested Troops by Race (10:23)

Description: This Morning Edition podcast from NPR discusses the military’s practice of performing racially based experiments on enlisted soldiers during WWII.


FBI’s webpage for “hate crimes

Description: This FBI webpage provides information and statistics related to hate crimes in the United States.

Human Rights Campaign

Description: This webpage provides the “timeline” for hate crimes, as well as links to additional educational resources.