Discussion Questions

  1. Stereotypes concerning Asian-Americans are damaging to their identity and can have negative effects on them during schooling. What is the “model minority” image and standard that many Asian-Americans are held to in American society? How does this negatively impact Asian-American students at all levels of education? What can be done to reduce or remove the negative effects of this stereotype?
  2. How does one’s neighborhood affect one’s chances for success in education? What are some of the effects of social isolation that result from living in disadvantaged areas? How might one’s socialization experience be affected if they never come into contact with someone of a different race? Explain and give at least one example to support your discussion.
  3. What is your family background with higher education? How many members of your family are currently enrolled in college? Have any graduated? What about high school? Were any members of your family, including yourself, ever expelled? Did you receive any awards? What was your favorite subject? How do you see your experience with education as shaped by your racial identification? Why?