Discussion Questions

  1. Non-Muslim terrorists are responsible for more deaths related to terrorist acts in the United States compared to Muslim terrorists. What needs to be done to identify potential terrorist threats in America? How much personal privacy should we be willing to forfeit in order to remain safe? Do you believe that drone technology can work to prevent terrorist attacks in the United States and abroad? Explain.
  2. After September 11, 2001, acceptance of Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim has declined in the United States. Do you think it is ever possible for Muslims to entirely avoid suspicion of terrorist activity in American society? Why or why not? Which sociological theory do you think best explains the existence of this trend? Why? Explain your response using at least one example to support your discussion.
  3. What historical trends in politics have led us to where we are today in American society in terms of race relations and crime? Why did police departments start to militarize? How has this changed the nature of the relationship between police and community members in non-white areas? Explain.