Video and Multimedia

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Michelle Alexander on "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” (10:52)

Description: This video contains an interview with Michelle Alexander, an author who argues that the contemporary criminal justice system is serving as racial caste system.

The History of American Diversity (2:15)

Description: This short animated video explores the past, present, and future demographics of the United States.


Tackling Race Head-On To Expose A “Dreadful Deceit” (6:15)

Description: This podcast from NPR’s “Weekend Edition Sunday” discusses author Jacqueline Jones’ argument that race is a social construct.


U.S. Census Bureau

Description: This page provides information about the ways that the U.S. Census Bureau defines different racial categories.

There Is No Such Thing as Race

Description: This online Newsweek article discusses the social construction of race.

Census Considers New Approach to Asking About Race – By Not Using the Term at All (2015)

Description: This online Pew Research Center article discusses the challenges that the U.S. Census faces in measuring race.