Discussion Questions

  1. Climate change is accelerating the melting of polar snowcaps, rising sea levels, and the frequency and intensity of weather-related events. Why is this an issue that is worthy of sociological investigation? What is the role of human activity in the creation and perpetuation of climate change? What is the role of human activity in slowing, and hopefully halting, climate change?

  2. Why are people, particularly those in the United States, delaying having children, if they decide to have children at all? How might the decision to have a child be related to issues of race, gender, and social class? How might the intersectionality of such a monumental decision be influenced by factors of social inequality?

  3. Why might communities of racialized and oppressed populations be at the highest risk for environmental discrimination? How does the over-toxification of these communities influence health, education, and other life outcomes for people living there?