Discussion Questions

  1. Why might the public wedding proposal be an antiquated gesture? How does it put pressure on the one being asked to say yes, even if that person does not really want to?

  2. With the recent Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states, how do you see those who are against same-sex marriage resisting this change? Do you see a time in the near future where we will have total acceptance of same-sex marriages in the United States? How might one’s attitude toward same-sex couples be related to their socialization experience? Give examples.

  3. Dual-earner families are on the rise. How does having both parents working compromise the integrity and stability of the family? How does this affect the quantity, and potentially the quality, of family interaction? At the end of the day, is it more valuable to have money in the bank or a lifetime of memories? Explain.