Author Videos

Against All Odds: Inside Statistics - #’s 18, 19, 25, and 25 on probability tests, confidence intervals, and significance
These video programs provide excellent resources for students on the uses of probability tests (using specific examples), along with the importance of confidence intervals and tests of significance.

Against All Odds: Inside Statistics - #’s 28, 29, 30 on inference
These videos cover the concept of statistical inference, offering an excellent supplement to the textbook. The programs specifically examine inference for proportions, two-way tables, and regression analysis.

Online Stat Book

This video introduces students to the concept of inference, providing examples such as questioning a sample of Americans on voting fairness in the nation.

Statistics Learning Centre

This video examines how to calculate a bootstrap confidence interval, using the numbers of pairs of shoes owned by men and women calculate the difference of two means.

University of Alabama, Birmingham School of Medicine

This video explores Type I and Type II errors, along with the concept of power and how it relates to sample size. It explores these topics using the field of health care.